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Enivronmental Policy

Netcontrol has a responsibility to care for the improvement of the environment as part of its activities, it shall take future generations into consideration and support a sustainable development.

Netcontrol shall give highest priority to solutions and products with minimum environmental impact and maximum use of resources.

Netcontrol´s personnel shall have proper knowledge of environmental matters, be aware of environmental requirements applying to Netcontrol´s activities and be aware of the environmental requirements of the society.

To achieve sustainable development, we are:

  • Following up and adapting our activities to applicable legal requirements
  • Enhancing recycling and reuse,
  • Informing interested parties of our environmental policy and demanding behavior that contributes to our work to accomplish our environmental policy,
  • Decreasing the negative environmental impact of our energy consumption, and
  • Decreasing carbon footprint of logistic solutions 


Mikael Nordman


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