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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Business Principles

Management systems

Our quality and environmental manage­ment systems are certified against the internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 standards covering our office locations across Europe.

Our health and safety management systems follow the OHSAS 18001:2010 standard. Our UK office has an OHSAS 18001:2010 certification.

Many of the issues relating to our company Code of Conduct are covered in detail in Netcontrol’s Corporate Management System and its Policies.

Supporting policies

We follow a number of policies to ensure that we conduct business in an ethical and transparent manner. The policies are available to everyone via our website and are reviewed regularly in our management review meetings.

The Netcontrol policies supporting our Code of Conduct include our:

  • Quality policy,
  • Environment policy,
  • Health and safety policy,
  • Whistleblowing policy, and
  • Social responsibility policy.

Laws and regulations

Netcontrol respects all applicable national and international laws and regulations. We also recognise a need to communicate our standards of conduct to partners and customers both in our home market and especially in new markets.

Zero tolerance for corruption and bribery

Netcontrol’s anti-corruption policy requires all Netcontrol employees and all parties carrying out activities financed by Netcontrol to adhere to the highest financial and ethical standards.

Fair competition, transparency and openness

Netcontrol supports and strives for fair competition and has zero tolerance for any kind of market manipulation.

We promote a culture of transparency and openness in our work.

Data protection and privacy

Netcontrol respects the data privacy of its employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

Supplier policy

Netcontrol follows a supplier policy and maintains a preferred supplier list. We conduct due diligence on a selected supplier before adding it to the list.

Our code of conduct forms part of our contract with all our preferred suppliers, who are required to confirm that they follow it.

People and Society

Human rights

All human rights legislation in place in the UK and the Nordic countries shall be respected in all of Netcontrol’s activities.

Forced labour

Netcontrol has zero tolerance for modern slavery such as child labour and human trafficking. We are committed to acting ethically and transparently in all our business dealings and to taking effective measures to safeguard against any form of slavery within the company or our supply chain.

Freedom of association

Any person employed by Netcontrol is entitled to join a trade union or a comparable organisation representing her or his occupation and to act on behalf of that organisation in such occupational questions as concern her or him.

Employment conditions

Any person employed by Netcontrol signs a contract of employment. The contract shall follow the legislation of the country where the person is employed.

Equal opportunities and nondiscrimination

No person’s colour, gender or religious or political conviction shall be an obstruction to her or his employment by Netcontrol. Nor shall a physical handicap as long as it does not affect her or his ability to meet the employer’s requirements. Neither shall any such matters form an obstruction to her or his promotion, salary development, job benefits or education.

Health and safety at work

Netcontrol sees it as its responsibility actively to contribute to the wellbeing of its employees. Netcontrol has arranged occupational healthcare for its employees and has appointed persons and committees responsible for safety at work.

Workforce sustainability

Netcontrol’s employees are the company’s most valuable asset.

Netcontrol seeks to create a workplace that attracts top talent, retains employees with engaging work, embraces differences and encourages all team members to reach their full career potential.

To ensure workforce sustainability Netcontrol offers their employees:

  • work–life flexibility
  • various training and professional development opportunities
  • healthcare assistance
  • the possibility to purchase company C-class shares


Netcontrol has a responsibility to care for the environment as part of its activities. It shall take future generations into consideration and support sustain­able development.

Netcontrol shall give the highest priority to solutions and products with the minimum environmental impact and the maximum use of resources.

Netcontrol’s personnel shall be aware of the environmental requirements applying to our activities set by society.

To work towards sustainable development, we are:

  • following up and adapting our activities to the applicable legal requirements,
  • enhancing our recycling and reuse of materials,
  • informing interested parties of our environmental policy and demanding behaviour that contributes to its fulfilment, and
  • decreasing the negative environmental impact of our energy consumption and the carbon footprint of our logistic solutions.

Assurance of Compliance

Reporting misconduct

We are, in brief, committed to operating law­fully and with integrity. It is the responsibility of each Netcontrol employee to ensure that we fulfil this commitment. However, from time to time there may arise situations where the right course of action is unclear to an employee or where she or he feels that something may be improper, unethical or inappropriate. We have a legal duty to take the appropriate measures to identify such situations and to attempt to remedy them.

Our aim is to:

  • ensure that all employees feel supported in speaking up in confidence and reporting matters which they think may involve anything unethical or inappropriate,
  • ensure that all unethical or inappropriate behaviour is identified and challenged,
  • manage all disclosures in a timely, consistent and professional manner, and
  • provide assurance that all disclosures will be taken seriously and treated as confidential.

Review and approval

Netcontrol’s code of conduct is reviewed and approved every year in the management review meeting.

Mikael Norman, CEO,
Netcontrol Group
Last reviewed: 8 January 2018