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Netcontrol products are made to fit with your installed base, to protect any legacy investment, and to evolve alongside your installation.  Modular design, easy to upgrade software solutions and stable technologies mean you can add to and upgrade equipment and communication technologies as needed.

Products fit into existing spaces and connections.  There's no lock in, we are vendor independent and use open standards.  Netcontrol devices work successfully with those from a wide range of manufacturers and can talk to more than 50 protocols, leaving you free to choose what is best for your network.

All products are simple to configure, use and update, giving you savings in engineering time.  We also save you time and money by helping simplify systems.  You can replace several pieces of equipment with a single multi-functional device including RTU functionality, protocol converter, communication gateway with extensive information security and controllable logic.  If you have an IP technology based network, you can migrate legacy traffic to share a common platform.  Many of our products can be updated and managed remotely.  We provide thorough training on all systems bought, in order to keep your ongoing support needs and costs to a minimum.

When it comes to investing in your network, we think it is lifetime value that counts.  We focus on driving down life cycle costs by providing consistently high levels of quality and functionality.  We select technologies and components carefully.  That way, we can be sure of being able to support each product during its lifetime.  Our products are reliable and durable, because we make them that way.