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Connectivity is the key to control.  With each additional point you connect you improve visibility, you increase your ability to manage the network effectively and you make your network more adaptive to distributed loads and generation.

NC500_Prod.pngNetcontrol's connectivity means bringing access, visibility, intelligence and control to almost any equipment and system in your energy network.  Be the communication based on classical serial or modern telecontrol networks, let the protocol used be an old legacy one or based on a new open standard, or mix of all these, we will make them talk.  Netcontrol professionals have implemented more than 50 different protocols and if your protocol is not on the list, we will implement it for you too. Integrating devices and systems of different technology generations, vendors and scalability, from single lines to the concentration of hundreds of lines, that is one of our core competencies and where we are at our best. And that is how we protect your investment, by enabling you to utilize old equipment till their end of life in parallel and seamlessly integrated with modern equipment and modern communication technologies.

Netcontrol's connectivity means the network is no longer a mystery.  You can reach every point in your network, from the control centre right through the medium voltage network and on to the low voltage network beyond each ring main unit.  It gives your engineers 24-hour reliable on-line access to historical and current information of the network, to rapid fault management and extensive asset planning.