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Security of supply, security of data, security of system and safety in the field.  All are essential for today's critical electricity networks.  Netcontrol covers every aspect.  Connectivity and control help you deliver a stable and consistent power network.  Data is available when you need it, because we design in redundancy and duplication that adds essential resilience to every system, and we build our devices to last.

Information security in energy netowkr automation is one of our core competencies.  We do not just build in only encryption, firewalls, authentication and VPNs to our products; we make sure the customer gets a total solution with built-in end-to-end information security based on open and proven technologies.  And as we believe in experience we also make sure we have the in-house experience and expertise of implementing these technologies in the field and into our customers systems.

Netcontrol's data radios each have unique identities and data is encrypted, so no-one else can get access to your data as it travels.  Integration with CCTV gives you sight of what's happening on the ground and built-in alarms give you instant warning of intruders.  Alongside this, accurate network wide fault detection gives you advance notice of faults and makes the network safer for both workers and the public.