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Utility Communication

With our intelligent data radio communication solutions including our Radius PDR and System NM range, Netcontrol have implemented secure and reliable utility communication to a range of clients with various requirements for their specific industry and needs. Learn More

Distribution Automation

Netcontrol have supplied products for Distribution Automation, including Netcon 1, NME 200 and other actuators across the world. Details of a selection of extensive projects, inclusive of our support and expertise with companies including Western Power Distribution. Learn More

Substation Automation
Substation Automation

Netcontrol are specialists when it comes to RTUs (Remote Terminal Units).  Our expansive solutions for substation automation include Netcon 500, Netcon 100 and NMS 100, with units located across the globe with continued support and training, including ADDC in the United Arab Emirates. Learn More

Substation Automation
Transport & Industrial

Netcon 3000, our core SCADA offering, allows you to supervise and control every kind of process or system, be it a metro network or a system of gas pipelines. Learn More