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Netcon 3000 SCADA
to Cover All of Latvia

Netcontrol expands a regional system to cover the entire Latvian distribution network

In 2013 Netcontrol secured a contract to scale up an existing SCADA system to encompass the whole of Latvia. Netcontrol had in 2009 delivered a SCADA for the distribution network in Latvia Central Region, one of 7 regions.

The other Regional SCADAs were now dismantled and the regional dispatchers connected directly to the new main system. As a new feature an automatic fault location, isolation and restoration (FLIR) functionality was implemented. The SCADA system was delivered in the spring of 2016 and the FLIR completion is estimated to be ready for launch at the end of the year.

Scalability of existing system a big plus

The Netcon 3000 used for the regional system had proved itself and thus strongly contributed to the choice of Netcontrol as contractor for the country-wide system. Its advantage was the possibility to scale up the existing system and still maintain the excellent performance and functionality. Netcon 3000 also supports the FLIR functionality in cooperation with the Tekla/Trimble DMS, one of the few systems on the market.

Scope of the project

The Netcon 3000 provided is a dual, hot standby system located on two separate sites. The system includes the actual SCADA system, a test SCADA, a data warehouse, terminal servers, gateways, firewalls and routers. External connections link field equipment to the DMS and to the offices. A total of 59 workstations are connected to the system. The system is designed with a capacity of 400,000 IO points.

Division of responsibilities

The customer provided all the hardware and also made all the basic infrastructure installations, guided by Netcontrol. Netcontrol installed the actual SCADA programs and related configurations. The point-to-point tests were performed by the customer.

The customer was responsible for the data capture and the transfer of data and pictures from their old system. This was a huge task, for which personnel from all the regions had to be harnessed and involved.

The build required strong cooperation between Netcontrol and the customer. The two companies bore the responsibility for the overall schedule together.

The new system was used in parallel with the old systems until testing showed everything to be in order. The new system then became the main one. The FLIR system is still being configured. This is done by the customer.