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Troms Kraft Nett AS Keeps Up to Date with Netcon 3000 SCADA

Netcontrol delivered a new system for the control of Troms’s hydropower plants and extensive distribution network. Modern online views of network topology and status finally obviated the company’s old notice board.

Before the 2014 delivery, Troms Kraft Nett still relied partly on a large notice board where the network status was shown. Seeking to modernise its system, the company chose Netcontrol’s SCADA solution because of its single-line diagrams (SLDs) for network presentation and ability to handle all the needed communication protocols. Price/performance ratio was also an important factor.

Challenging SLDs

The SLDs, however, also constituted the biggest challenge of the delivery. Troms required that they should be configured from Powel’s application for network handling and eventually connected to Powel’s DMS, distribution management system. All the process data, on the other hand, was to be updated from the SCADA. The software platform underlying the SLDs needed considerable modification to fit Troms’s requirements.

Netcontrol dealt with these challenges by cooperating closely with Troms’s and Powel’s representatives and by involving its own R&D department even at the discussions and specification phase.

Scope of the Project

Troms’s Netcon 3000 is a dual, hot standby system located on two different sites. The system includes the actual SCADA system, a data warehouse, terminal servers, gateways, firewalls and routers. Besides the field equipment, external connections are to the DMS and to the office network. The system has 40,000 I/O points.

Division of Responsibilities

Netcontrol converted the SCADA database from Troms’s old ABB system. The pictures were designed jointly with Troms and drawn by Netcontrol.

Netcontrol delivered both the hardware and the software. We delivered the system to site after factory acceptance tests and installed it in cooperation with the customer.

Point-to-point testing was carried out by Troms, assisted by Netcontrol. The commissioning was done by Troms.