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Stockholm Metro Under Control

With Netcon 3000 SCADA and Netcon 500, Netcontrol provide a flexible solution for Stockholm Metro for the control and monitoring of power distribution for light rail.

Netcontrol’s secure solutions for power monitoring and control for light rail have been implemented and working in Stockholm’s Metro transportation system for more than 10 years.

Providing our sophisticated Netcon 3000 SCADA system, with 3 workstations, and combining our IED
telecontrol Netcon 500 RTU’s, our equipment has provided the network operator with a fully supervised automation control system for the light rail power network.




Stockholm Metro

Currently, Stockholm Metro have the following installed on their network:

3 workstations using our Netcon 3000 SCADA
9+ Netcon 500 RTU’s

Combined together, Netcontrol has provided a powerful SCADA system, using the latest technology to provide an effetive, flexible and secure system for Stockholm Metro.  Improving their network, Netcon 3000 allowed the transportation system to be monitored and controlled in a secure manner and customised to meet the requirements and integrated into the current network infrastructure.

Versatile RTU

With the Netcon 500 connecting to the SCADA system, this provides the ability to access, monitor and control the power distribution required by Stockholm Metro and keep the network fully operational. As the Netcon 500 is a modular hardware platform, Stockholm Metro were ‘future proofed’ and allowed to expand their network functions at a later date, should it be required, further reducing ongoing costs.

Integrating into the current infrastruce was easy. With over 50 protocols supported with Netcontrol’s in built protocol convertor and communication concentrator, the Netcon 500 provided the secure automation platform required to operate the Stockholm Metro.