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Dee Valley Water
Dee Valley Water

Dee Valley Water Upgrade

Netcontrol utility communication solutions, featuring the Radius PDR 121, provide an effective and reliable communication solution to water industry.  Learn More

Invensys Process Systems

Monitoring Gas Pipelines

Netcontrol delivers its Radius PDR digital data radio communication system to Invensys Process System for monitoring methane/ethane gas pipelines, owned and operated by Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu Industrial Cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Learn More

United Utilities

Newts Rescued by Data Radio

Netcontrol has provided United Utilities with a data radio based telemetry system to ensure that their Water Treatment Works project was not affected by the discovery of an endangered native amphibian. Learn More

BKW Switzerland

Netcontrol Swiss Success

Netcontrol have been working along side BKW in Switzerland to provide a data radio communications link between their control center and remote controlled 16kV overhead switches. Learn More

Northfolk Cooperative
Northfolk Cooperative

Solving Common Cooperative Issues

FastNet RTU and Radius PDR radios help some of the most common problems present in rural electric Co-operative networks. Learn More

Gunnison County Electric
Gunnison County Electric

Faultless Communication for the Rockies

Netcontrol has provide to be another winning formula for wireless communication in the USA with one of their latest partnerships with Gunnison County Electric. Learn More

Communication Network Modernisation for Loiste

Loiste and Netcontrol work together to modernise utility communication network using All-IP communication architecture. Learn More