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Case Studies

BKG Overview

BKW FMB Energy AG (BKW) has been in business for overone hundred years. With energy sales of 24 Terawatt-hours and a workforce of approximately 2,600 employees in German and French-speaking Switzerland, it is one of the major Swiss companies integrated in the European grid.

BKW produces virtually CO2-free power from its own seven hydroelectricity plants, a nuclear power plant in Mühleberg near Berne, from hydroelectricity plants owned by 18 partner companies, and via purchase rights in partner nuclear power plants.

BKW is the principal partner in Switzerland’s largest alternative energy production plants (Mont Soleil solar energy plant, Juvent wind power plant and the Stade de Suisse solar power plant).

First PDR in Switzerland

The Radius PDR 121 has been used for the first time in Switzerland to cover regions of BKW’s network normally covered by wired communication. The cost effective Radius PDR 121 data radio was the ideal communications tools, for the regions varied geographical an environmental requirements.



Network Coverage

At present there are 25 PDR 121’s out in service through out BKW’s network. Of the many benefits the PDR 121 brings to all customers one of the top selling points for BKW’s was its ease of configuration using standard hyper-terminal. Which means BKW didn’t have to buy specialist software or hardware to programme or update the data radios. The easy configuration also meant that their engineers didn’t need extensive training to operate or configure the radios.


The Radius PDR 121 data radios have been installed with the IEC60870 protocol where they have been programmed to communicate wirelessly between the control center and several remote controlled 16kV Novexia Auguste overhead switches, over a wide geographic areas.

Low Power, High Sensitivity

A core feature of the PDR 121 is its low power consumption and high radio sensitivity which has been another high selling point for BKW. This means with the supplied battery backup and monitoring device, BKW’s communications not only have great durability long after a fault occurs, but due to the
craftsmanship of the Radius PDR 121 they are guaranteed the same level of communication during the most demanding times and conditions when a power outage occurs.


Another function which is specific to the Radius PDR 121 is it’s multi-repeating capability. This is a significant point when looking at extending the reach of any communications beyond that of
one radio link. Any data packet can be routed through any other data radio unit, up to a maximum of 6 in any one communication link.Again something of particular importance to BKW as some of
their 16KV switchgear are in remote locations, both topographical and climate based.

Robert Klauser BKW’s project leader say “the Radius PDR 121 is a very interesting and cost effective product in the area of wireless applications for control systems, I would recommend the radio to
anyone wanting a secure and reliable communication system”.

PDR Versitility

The Radius PDR 121 has been developed to be a versatile data radio module in that it can be a slave, repeater and master station. Therefore there’s no need to buy additional units. All that’s needs
is the protocol and configuration for the communication systems and the Radius PDR 121 provides the rest.

Value Added Data Radio

With many applications to which the PDR 121 data radio can be used. Anyone looking for a reliable, secure mode of communication should take a serious look at the PDR and other Netcontrol communication systems as a cost effective and viable solution to there ever increasing need for return on investment opportunities.

The Radius PDR 121 data radio is designed to handle most industrial protocols in order to provide wide area coverage. Offering up to 19.2 Kbps on-air data rate, and a selection of data ports from RS232 to Ethenet. The Radius PDR 121 has become a benchmark data radio for the worldwide utility and automation markets.