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Netcontrol Exhibit at Acumen 2013

In May, Netcontrol exhibited at the Acumen 2013 conference held at the IET, Savoy Place, London.

This year's conference focused on the technology challenges facing the Distribution Network Operators in light of the increasing demands placed on security of supply by consumers and the risks imposed by energy policies.

The conference was attended by business leaders from the Industry and a number of insightful presentations were given followed by a lively Q&A session.

There was a strong sense that whilst there are a large number of innovative ideas being put forward under the banner of Smart Grid technology not many of them will make it to the 'business as usual' and that the drivers for the innovation are currently not strong enough outside of Government funding initiatives such as the LCNF program.

On display at the exhibition were the Substation Gateway RTU and the Secondary Substation Controller