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Western Power Distribution LCNF Knowledge Day - 11th July

Western Power Distribution (WPD) will be hosting an event co-sponsored by Netcontrol at the UK National Space Centre on the 11th July. The event is aimed at sharing their experiences regarding their LCNF projects.

WPD is one of the leading DNO's in the UK and hold 4 distribution licenses in the south and central areas of the UK.

As part of the UK Governments Tier 1 funding for Low Carbon Networks (known as LCNF) WPD undertook a project in the village of Hook Norton in collaboration with the National Energy Foundation (NEF). 

The project scope was to install a number of Smart Nodes at Domestic supplies and monitor these remotely.

The Radius data radio supplied by Netcontrol was used to forward the capture information to WPD's ENMAC data system.