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Netcontrol Group Expands to Latvia

Netcontrol has established a subsidiary in Riga, Latvia

Season’s Greetings 2018

Netcontrol thanks all customers and partners for the year 2018 and wishes them continued success in 2019.

Netcontrol ranks as Achiever in an analysis of Finnish companies

Netcontrol was in the top tier both within its own industry and among all Finnish companies.

Netcontrol gets top marks in Supplier Assesment Audit

Netcontrol has been give the highest marks in a recent independent supplier audit.

Netcontrol is hiring in four countries

On a path for growth, Netcontrol seeks new talent

Hans von Uthmann elected Chairman of the Netcontrol Board

Hans von Uthmann elected Chairman of the Netcontrol Board

Procuritas invests in Netcontrol

Procuritas Capital Investors VI has acquired a majority stake in Netcontrol.

Netcon RPS helps electric utilities manage their reactive power balance

Netcon RPS cloud service helps electric utilities manage their reactive power balance and thus to avoid tariffs

Netcontrol helps Swedish Utility with Smart Substation RTU

Netcontrol work with Swedish Distribution Network Operator Ellivio AB (formerly Fortum Distribution AB) to bring intelligent…

Netcontrol acquires PowerQ Oy

Netcontrol has acquired the entire share capital of PowerQ Oy, a specialist organisation producing solutions for the management…

Netcon 500 passes tight security testing

The GW502 was found to be “competently hardened” with “good security against attackers operating in WAN”.

Netcontrol expands in to South Africa

In order to better serve the Sub Sahara markets, Netcontrol now has a local presence with an office in Pretoria.

Netcontrol Cyber Security Article in IET Publication

Netcontrol's cyber secure Smart Grid gateways and RTU's are featured in the IET magazine article on Smart Grid Cyber Security.

FastNet RTUs for Vietnam

SPC of Vietnam take FastNet RTUs for substation automation system.

Netcontrol win large RTU order for Brazil Hydro stations

Netcontrol has won further orders to supply RTU/Gateways for Hydro Stations in Brazil.

Netcon GW502-iM Gateway & Protocol Converter Released

Comprehensive SLA Agreement with Helen Electricity Oy

Netcontrol have signed a 10 year service level agreement (SLA) with Helsinki city utility, Helen Electricity Oy.  

Netcontrol Demo in South Africa

Netcontrol demonstrates Substation Automation solutions in South Africa with local partner RPS Switchgear.

Netcontrol at Energetika & Elektrotechnika in Russia

Netcontrol exhibit at Energetika & Elektrotechnika in St Peterburg in Russia with local partner Ensto.

System NM users benefit from Netcon100

Current users of the Radius System NM can now enhance their Network with the inclusion of the Netcon 100, the very latest in…

More Distribution Automation for Serbia

Netcontrol has been award a number of contracts to supply Distribution Automation systems to large parts of the Serbian rural…

NME200 Air Break for Romania

The first of the deliveries of the Netcontrol NME200 Air Break Switch Remote Actuators/Motor Operators has gone live in Romania.

More Netcon 500 RTUs for Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company continues with its Smart Grid Network expansion by placing large orders for the Netcon 500…

Netcon 500 RTU for Abu Dhabi Ministry of Interior

The Abu Dhabi Ministry of Interior benefits from security of supply with Netcon 500 RTU.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport select Netcon 3000

Netcontrol have been chosen to supply Swedavia AB's Stockholm Arlanda Airport a new front end SCADA system used to monitor and…

First Netcon500 to South Africa

Netcontrol has delivered its first Netcon500 RTU & gateway substation controller to South Africa.

Kalmar Energi & Arcteq choose Netcon 500

Netcontrol's substation gateway product, Netcon 500 RTU is chosen to act as IEC61850 relay gateway for the Arcteq relays at…

WPD Automation Expansion

Western Power Distribution Expand their Automation

Data Radios for Saudi Aramco

More PDR121 data radios for Gas project with Saudi Aramco

ADWEA Approves Netcon500 RTU

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company approves the Netcon500 for both primary and secondary RTU & Gateway substation applications

Netcontrol Stand at ENA Conference

Netcontrol once again present at the annual Electricity Distribution Companies Low Carbon Forum.

Netcon 100 selected for Fortum and KL Industri partnership

The Netcon 100, next generation of Ground/Padmounted switchcontroller and RTU is selected by Fortum and KL Industri for…

System NM gets a boost

NetMan radios get speed boost.

Finnish Ambassador meets Netcontrol UK

Finnish Ambasador meets Netcontrol UK

Technical Seminars in Middle East

Netcontrol undertake more seminars in the Middle East to ADDC and AADC, focusing on RTU's, Cyber Security, Substation Gateways,…

Vietnam Technical Seminar

Netcontrol conduct technical Seminar to SPC in Vietnam, Hoi Chi Min City.

Customer Satisfaction Survey - 2013

Netcontrol Customer Satisfaction Survey - feedback

WPD Knowledge Sharing Conference

Western Power Distribution in the UK hold a conference to share their experiences of the technology used to reduce their Carbon…

More RTUs for Abu Dhabi

ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) order more of the NMS100 for secondary substation automation projects.

Middle East Technical Seminars

Netcontrol provide technical seminars on their NetCon 500 Substation RTU and gateway range.

Netcon 500 RTU selected for Vietnam network

Netcontrol UK Ltd have received the orders for the Netcon 500, Netcontrol's modern utility ICT outstation for primary substation…

Latvia agrees on Netcon 3000 SCADA System

Netcontrol have signed a contract with Latvian distribution company Sadales Tikls to extend their current Netcon 3000 SCADA…

Netcon 500 RTU for Saudi Arabia

Netcontrol UK Ltd have received orders for the first phase of a project to upgrade the energy network automation of the…

Netcontrol in the Middle East

Netcontrol was once again at the Middle East Electricity Show in Dubai in February.

FastNet RTU for Solar & Wind Farms

Netcontrol continue to see the FastNet RTU becoming the 1st choice for UK contractors and Utilities when it comes to monitoring…

Smart Grid pilot project for Vantaa Energy

Netcontrol has signed with Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks Ltd to supply the Netcon 100 for a Smart Grid pilot project.

New phone numbers for Helsinki office

Netcontrol's Helsinki office has a new telephone exchange system with new numbers.

Ville Maksimainen new Area Sales Manager

M.Sc. Ville Maksimainen has been appointed Netcontrol Area Sales Manager in Finland and Baltic countries 1.4.2012.

Netcon 100 - A new, smart platform for distribution automation

Netcontrol has announced Netcon 100, a new type of control and monitoring solution for intelligent electricity distribution…

Netcontrol acquires Radius Sweden AB

On September 12th 2011, Netcontrol Oy signed an agreement to buy the business of Radius Sweden AB. Radius Sweden AB is a Swedish…

Norwegian Troms Kraft selects Netcon 3000

Troms Kraft selected Netcon 3000 from Netcontrol to be the new SCADA system for Troms Kraft Corporation.

Wide interest for NetRecloser on Elfack 2011

Elfack 2011 exhibition, the biggest fair fair in the nordict countries in the area of electricity, electrical power and…

Mikael Nordman new MD of Netcontrol Group

D.Sc. (Tech) Mikael Nordman, 36, has been appointed Managing Director of Netcontrol Group starting from 1st of April 2011.

Netcontrol 20 years

Netcontrol was founded in the beginning of March 1991, and has now reached the respectable age of 20 years.

Järvi-Suomen Energia launches new Netcon 3000 SCADA system for electricity distribution

The Netcon 3000 SCADA system is located in Järvi-Suomen Energia’s dispatch centre in Mikkeli in the south east of Finland.
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