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Customer Satisfaction Survey - 2013

During the Spring of 2013, Netcontrol performed a customer satisfaction survey among our customers and partners, in order to get a better understanding of the customers’ view of our product and services. The survey was conducted by Innolink Research Oy and answered by 128 persons/companies.

The result has now been analyzed, and shows that the most successful areas are the service-mindedness and cordiality of our technical support, adhering to our promises and the technical know-how of our salesforce.

Our customers also showed great confidence in Netcontrol: 44% having already recommended Netcontrol with a further 54% stating they would recommend us. We are extremely pleased with the results and grateful for the confidence!

We have also received insightful feedback on areas where our customers want us to develop ourselves. We will now focus on these areas in our daily business.

Netcontrol would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey!

Mikael Nordman

Customer Survey