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Järvi-Suomen Energia launched its new Netcon 3000 SCADA system for electricity distribution

The Netcon 3000 SCADA system is located in Järvi-Suomen Energia’s dispatch centre in Mikkeli in the south east of Finland. The Netcon 3000 SCADA is a system for operating the electricity distribution network and for passing information from the process onwards to the authorities, to Järvi-Suomen Energia’s partners and to the distribution management system.

The abilities of the system were put on trial at the very start of the operative trial period in January 2011. During this period strong winds in combination with heavy snow load caused trees and branches to fall down on the electricity lines blacking out waste areas within Järvi-Suomen Energia’s distribution district.

Operations Manager Arto Nieminen concludes: “The system has matched expectations and criteria set up at the procurement phase. This could also clearly be established during the major electrical disruptions in January. The Netcon 3000 SCADA system coped with the situation excellently. In addition the support from Netcontrol confirmed the confidence in the supplier we already had.”

The SCADA system represents the newest system generation delivered by Netcontrol. The system solution is based on virtual servers and a duplication of the main functional blocks. Included in the system is also, as a support for the basic functionality, advanced reporting facilities and functionality for network topology. The system was connected to existing outstations using redundant communication lines.

Järvi-Suomen Energia takes care of the distribution of electricity to nearly 100 000 clients within the district governed by the Suur-Savon Sähkö group. The professionals of the company work with design, building, operations and maintenance related to the over 25 000 kilometers of distribution lines.