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Netcontrol supply Distribution Automation system to Serbia

Netcontrol have just been award a number of contracts to supply Distribution Automation equipment to a large number of overhead and underground switches, breakers and reclosers.

These recent contracts are built on the success of Netcontrol's Network Automation equipment supplied over the last few years to a number of Serbian Distribution Companies in Nis, Belgrade, Jagodina, Kraljevo, Uzice, Cacak, Kragujevac and Krusevac.

For the overhead networks, the Serbian Distribution Network Operators have chosen to remotely control reclosers using the Netcontrol digital data radio, using DNP3. For every recloser they bring under remote operation they are also remotely controlling between 3-5 overhead air break switches, using the Netcontrol NME200 remote switch motor operator. The NME200 is used at normally open points to provide back-feed possibilities and at closed switches were the NME200 sectionalising function coordinates isolation of the network with any active upstream circuit breaker or recloser.

For ground mounted ringmain units, the NMS100, remote switch operator is used. This device combines motor operator circuits, battery backup, RTU, HMI and fault detection in a single compact solution.

Connection to the Serbian SCADA is provide by the Netcontrol FastNet gateway RTU and data concentrator that provides a local touch screen panel for viewing and operating the remote outstations and a connection to the Network Operators SCADA system.

Communication between the FastNet gateway and the outstation devices is achieved using Netcontrol's digital data radio in the UHF spectrum. The advantage being that every outstation can act as a mesh point for the communications, thereby greatly extending the reach of the communications from the gateway.

The SCADA is supplied by local Serbian company and partner Netico in conjunction with the Nikola Tesla Institute.