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More RTUs for Abu Dhabi

Netcontrol receive another large order for their Netcon 500 Substation RTU/Gateway units.

The Netcon 500 RTUs will be deployed at larger secondary distribution substations within Abu Dhabi, and will control between 4 and 8 panel type switches and circuit breakers at each location.

Communication to the scada system is made using hte IEC104 protocol and a mixture of WiFi and GPRS modems.

The order comes from the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) via Netcontrols regional partner. 

Netcontrol have been assisting ADDC to embark on a Smart Grid Network project and have already automated 100s of smaller substations where ring main units have been installed. The ring main units have been automated using the NMS 100 secondary substation RTU.

For larger panel type switchgear substation, ADDC have selected the Netcon 500 Gateway RTU.