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Netcon GW502-iM – Substation Gateway & Protocol Converter

Netcontrol extends our substation automation products with the introduction of Netcon GW502-iM, a feature rich substation gateway & protocol converter.  Based on Netcontrol’s transmission grade gateway RTU, Netcon 500, Netcon GW502-iM is an evolutionary product allowing us to offer unparalleled reliability, resilience and performance and introduces a one box solution for energy network operators.

With bespoke embedded hardware, Netcon GW502-iM has been specifically designed for use in high voltage electrical substations ensuring a reliable, resilient and secure platform.   Integration into existing substation infrastructure is easy, a single Netcon GW502-iM can support 60-100 IEDs, depending on protocol selection and typically up to 50,000 I/O points.  


Multiple master & slave protocols are supported with Netcon NFE, our real time database application, which contains a library of over 50 energy utility protocols, including IEC61850 support.  Furthermore, Netcon NFE supports connections to multiple masters using independent protocols upstream and downstream to multiple IEDs, running different protocols over a mixture of serial and IP communications media.

Cyber security is built in, without the requirement on external bolt-on security devices, Netcon GW502-iM avoid MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks through use of multiple VPN connections, firewalls, 256-bit AES encryption and a hardened Remote access toolkit. 

Interfaces include:

  • X 2 Ethernet Ports
  • X 4 Serial Ports (RS232 & RS485)
  • X 2 Flash Card for rapid configuration & local storage
  • 4 port 10/100 Base-TX & 100Base-FX Ethernet Switch
  • X 2 Independent power supply inputs (24V-48V)
  • GPS time synchronization receiver port

Installation options include a 19” 1U rack option & horizontal or vertical cabinet mounting options, and configuration is completed by local and remote management utilising Netcon NCU, bringing intuitive and straightforward deployment.

For further information on the Netcon GW502-iM, please visit the Netcon GW502-iM page here or download the brochure here or contact Netcontrol.