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Netcontrol 20 years

Netcontrol was founded in the beginning of March 1991, and has now reached the respectable age of 20 years. The anniversary will be celebrated with our customers and cooperation partners as part of the Netcontrol User Group days in autumn 2011.

During these two decades Netcontrol has grown from a small one-man-company into a company group with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and UK, hundreds of customers in Northern Europe, and retailers in countries around the world. During every single year Netcontrol has grown and the operating result has been positive; something which is quite remarkable. This kind of success wouldn't have been possible without the excellent cooperation with our customers and the professional and loyal personnel of Netcontrol. We have managed to refine customer needs and ideas with brilliant innovations and use of latest technology into high-level products for the market.

These 20 years have been very interesting and exciting. The challanging targets we defined, the successful strategy, hard and determined work, has all togeter turned out outstanding results. I am sure that we, together with our customers and partners, will succeed also in the future.  We can really look forward to the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

Esa Mäkitalo
Founder of Netcontrol and Chairman of the Board