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Netcontrol acquires PowerQ Oy

On 15th June 2016, Netcontrol acquired the entire share capital of PowerQ Oy, a specialist company producing enhanced solutions for the management and analysis of energy systems measurement data.

Located in Tampere, PowerQ is a Finnish company that has developed specialised solutions for the processing of measurement data from energy networks. PowerQ offers effective software products for managing and data mining measurements from primary and secondary substations and industrial power networks.

Through this acquisition Netcontrol strengthens its total network automation concept, and in particular its Netcon100 which already encompasses solutions for the remote management and line protection of secondary substations. Through the PowerQ products Netcontrol is now able to offer additional applications that enable proactive maintenance as well as power quality analysis of various disturbances in the electricity network.

Today remote control is only a small part of Distribution Automation systems. The ability to measure, interpret and react to the dynamic behaviour of the network is now an important part of the Smart Grid concept.

Link to PowerQ

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