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Netcontrol acquires Radius Sweden AB

On September 12th 2011, Netcontrol Oy signed an agreement to buy the business of Radius Sweden AB. Radius Sweden AB is a Swedish company located in Karlskrona, in the south of Sweden. It is focusing on selling, developing and manufacturing communication solutions, motor operators and remote terminal units for power utilities. The company has a large international sales network and strong sales channels in the Nordic countries, the Baltics, UK and Poland.

The acquisition of Radius Sweden AB will significantly strengthen the product portfolio of Netcontrol and will open important sales channels to UK, the Baltics and to Central European countries.

Netcontrol has also agreed with its strategic partner, the contract manufacturer OrbitOne (, that OrbitOne will handle the manufacturing of Radius products for Netcontrol.

Additional information:
Mikael Nordman, CEO Netcontrol Oy
+358 9 7511 660