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Netcontrol exhibit at Energetika & Elektrotechnika Show, Russia

Netcontrol along with long time partner Ensto are showing off the latest in Smart Grid solutions at the Energetila & Elektrotechnika Exhibition in St Peterburg, Russia.

On show is the NME300 air-break switch remote operator, designed for rotary operated air-break switch disconectors an addition to the NME200 remote operator for linear operated switches. Alongside the NME unit is the Netcontrol CCU, a Central Control Unit that provides local station scada/HMI to control the remote operators as well as an IEC or DNP3 connection to the top end scada/DMS.

Also on display is an Auguste Sectionalising switch from Ensto that is being remotely controlled by the Netcontrol CCU via a digital data radio.

Netcontrol in partnership with Ensto are providing Electrical Utitlities in Poland and Russia with a complete Smart Grid and Distribution Automation system offer.

The exhibition runs from the 17th to the 20th June.