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Netcontrol Demonstrates Substation Automation in South Africa

Building on their recent successes in providing full substation automation and smart grid solutions to mining customers in South Africa, Netcontrol's local partner RPS Switchgear have been demonstrating a comprehensive substation automation system to new mining customers.

Attendees to the demonstrations came from as far afield as Australia to see RPS show off the Netcontrol Substation Gateway/RTU products and the Netcon3000 scada package.

The demonstration system being used was able to show the benefits of the Netcon500 Gateway/RTUs and how it is able to connect to IED's and Relays from a wide range of vendors using both serial and IP technology. With over 50 different protocols supported in the NetCon500 from legacy scada protocols to IEC61850 it is an extremely flexible platform for the modern substation architecture.

Netcontrol Demo in South Africa