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Netcontrol exhibit at the UK Energy Networks Low Carbon Conference

Netcontrol once again was exhibiting at this year's Low Carbon Networks Fund conference, organised by the UK Energy Networks Association, in Brighton, England.

The Low Carbon Network Fund is a project set up by the UK regulator OFGEM, that allows the Distribution Network Operators (DNO's) to access funding with the focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the Energy Networks through innovation and efficiency. In turn the DNO's agree to share the findings of their projects and the ENA conference provides a platform for the DNO's to come together and present, disseminate and discuss the various merits of each of the projects.

Netcontrol is involved in a number of the LCNF projects currently underway. With Western Power Distribution (WPD) Netcontrol has provide the communication infrastrucure to allow remote LV monitors to connect to a central system. In the Orkney's, Netcontrol is helping Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) to remotely access equipment involved in Active Network Management and in the North of England, Netcontrol data radios and RTU's are providing Northern Power Grid (NPG) vital remote information concerning Active Network Management and Energy Storage schemes.

At the conference Netcontrol had on display their latest Substation gateway devices for both transmission and distribution stations and their data radio products.