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Smart Grid pilot project for Vantaa Energy

p_netcon1001.pngNetcontrol has signed with Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks Ltd  to supply the Netcon 100 for a Smart Grid pilot project.  Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks is one of the biggest city utilities in Finland and is located close to the Helsinki.

The pilot project includes delivery of Netcon 100 cabinets to five secondary substations during Autumn 2012.  Netcontrol will also undertake the basic architecture and configuration of Netcon 100-system in co-operation with Vantaa utility.

In this smart-grid pilot, the full scope of the Netcon 100 secondary substation automation platform will be used. The Netcon 100 will along with remote monitoring and controlling of secondary substation equipment also provide the medium voltage feeder fault indications and power quality measurements on both medium and low voltage side. The Netcon 100 is the next generation of smart RTUs enabling electricity utilities to better understand and control their vital assets.

Beyond the pilot, Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks plan to roll-out the secondary substation automation to a large number of stations.

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