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Radius System NM users can now enhance their automation networks with the inclusion of the Netcon100 smart substation RTU.

Current users of the Radius System NM (formerly refered to as system NetMan) can now further increase the benefits of their investment with the addition of the latest in smart substation RTUs from Netcontrol.

Users of System NM can now deploy the Netcon 100 RTU with the Radius RNI12v2 digital data radio in to existing systems. This greatly increases the functionality of any current system NM and offers the customer increased options and benefits without the need to upgrade.

The system NM is a specialised smart distribution automation solution from Netcontrol that integrates RTU, remote switch operation, HMI and meshed radio in to a single neat package.

The Netcon 100 is the very latest smart substation RTU solution, that incorporates traditional RTU functionallity with fault detection and power quality measurement and analysis.