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More Middle East Technical Seminars

Following on from the highly successful Technical Seminars in July of this year, that were conducted in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and attended by ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company), DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and many leading EPC's from the region a request was made for a further round of Seminars.

The location for the latest Technical Seminar was the ancient city of Al Ain on the Oman border. The event was attended by participants from AADC (Al Ain Distribution Company) and notable EPC's.

The event focused on the How to Plan a Successful Distribution Automation Project as part of your overall Smart Grid Strategy. The Seminar focused on two main elements, the types of equipment used in a Distribution Automation roll-out and the important factors to concider when deciding upon a strategy.

The equipment covered in the Technical Seminar where;

The importance of selecting an appropriate Communication Equipment Policy was discussed heavily since the choice of equipment and how it is deployed will have a big bearing on how to implement 'Post Fault Restoration' and 'Dynamic Network Management'.

Examples were shown of a number of European Electrical Utilities who had chosen different communication strategies and how this had impacted on their ability to put devolved intelligence into the network at a later stage. The use of a communications data concentrator located at a Primary Substation and handling the automation of all the associated secondary RTU's, switchgear, reclosers, sectionalisers etc was seen by most attendees as the preferred route.