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Wide interest for NetRecloser on Elfack 2011

Elfack 2011 exhibition, the biggest fair fair in the nordict countries in the area of electricity, electrical power and lighting, was arranged in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 9-13 2011. This year Netcontrol participated for the first time with an own stand, and the response was very positive; there was a lot of visitors all the time during the whole week.

The well established products Netcon 500 GW&RTU as well as Netcon 1 actuator was something many customers were discussing, but the most interest was however focused on the pole mounted vacuum breaker NetRecloser. This brand new solution is not just light and easy to install, but it has also the most sensitive earth fault protection on the market, with a neutral current setting as low as 0.5 A. Since the breaker is completely maintenance free and designed for tenths of thousands of full load operations, it is quite reasonable that many of the visitors could easily think about several points in the "own network" that could be equipped with a NetRecloser.


The dispatching centre presented on the fair is a combination that exists in tenths of network companies in the Nordic countries; Netcon 3000 SCADA from Netcontrol real time connected to Tekla DMS from Tekla Corp. In this solution operations in SCADA side is immediately and spontaneously seen in the topology of the DMS, even down to the end customers in the low voltage network. Also the other of Netcontrols products vere connected to the process: NetRecloser and Netcon 1 could be operated "live" , and protection relays from most of the vendor on the market were connected via Netcon 500 over the protocols IEC61850 and IEC 60870-5-103.

Netcontrol would like to thank all the visitors and is looking forward to see you all again on Elfack 2013!