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WPD Knowledge Sharing Conference

Western Power Distribution (WPD) one of the UK's leading Distribution Network Operator (DNO) held a 1 day conference and workshop on the 11th July 2013. The conference, co-sponsored by Netcontrol, was open to all the UK DNO's and focused on the findings of recent Low Voltage Network trials, funded through the OFGEM, Low Carbon Network program.

Feedback was given on WPD's findings from their LV monitoring and on the various types of sensors deployed. The general feeling was as follows;

Netcontrol have been involved in a number of LCNF projects. In Scottish Power Energy Networks, Netcontrol provided a Low Voltage Automation scheme, were a small magnetic actuator and vacuum bottle was provided to fit in the same location as a standard UK pull out fuse, coupled with a Power Line Carrier control module to monitor the local voltages and current, per phase and communicate with other actuators within the LV network. At Scottish & Southern Energy, Netcontrol provided the data radio communication backhaul for the Orkney LCNF project, for WPD, Netcontrol provided the data radio link between the substation and the Scada and for Northern Power Grid (NPG) Netcontrol have provided the remote RTUs and data radio infrastructure to allow NPG to monitor a significant number of deployed carbon reduction project locations.

WPD Low Carbon Conference
Netcontrol Data Radio in Low Voltage Cabinet