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Netcontrol solutions, systems and services put you in control of your electricity network. Embedded intelligence and accurate real-time information give you a clear view of what is happening in your network. Automated and remote management functions help you streamline operations and maximize utilization of network assets. Assured connectivity means you can trust our utility communications to be the backbone of your energy network automation system.

Our secure, connected solutions are daily helping hundreds of power utilities and energy operators to operate intelligent energy networks and implement intelligent grids that cut both costs and carbon use and deliver critical resilience in a world where security and quality of supply is becoming ever more essential and ever harder to maintain.

Products include: Substation gateway controllers, SCADA systems for control centres, RTUs, motor actuators, recloser and switch controllers, data radio devices, and IP technology based network solutions. All are designed for retrofit situations as well as for new installations, and all integrate perfectly with products from a wide range of other manufacturers.Network automation is all we do. It’s the sole focus of both our operational work and our research and development activities. When you talk to Netcontrol, you talk to the experts.

Control Centres
Control Centre Automation

Netcontrol SCADA systems are designed for control rooms within energy production, transmission and distribution and energy intensive manufacturing.  Learn More

Utility Communication
Utility Communication

Netcontrol’s communications specialists install integrated communications networks that enable customers to get the most from their investment in RTUs and associated automation equipment. 
We manufacture our own range of digital data radios specifically designed for longrange data transmission within distribution automation systems, provide extensive media and protocol converters which all securely transmit comprehensive data from your automation equipment.  Learn More

Substation Automation

Netcontrol products for Substation Automation and Telemetry, including Netcon 100, Radius NMS 100, Netcon 500 GW & RTU and other RTU's.  Learn More

Distribution Automation

Netcontrol’s product for Distribution Automation, the Netcon 1 actuator.  Learn More

Third Party Products
Third Party Products

Enhancing our solutions portfolio, Netcontrol is an official reseller of RuggedCom Inc. products in Finland, Sweden and Norway and Meinberg products in Nordic countries.  Learn More