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Control Centres

Netcontrol provide sophisticated modular tailor made SCADA systems for your network to provide you with the ultimate distributed system.

Our SCADA systems are designed for control rooms within energy production, transmission and distribution and energy intensive manufacturing.  We pack in a huge range of features and functions, and combine multiple tasks, areas and processes into a single system.  The result is a cost-effective and streamlined system that simplifies operations and improves control.

Netcon 3000, our core SCADA offering, allows you to supervise and control every connected point on the network, to get data from all devices on the system, and to communicate between information systems both inside and outside the enterprise.  You can see what is happening across your entire network in real time through the control room interface, with all information being saved in a central data warehouse.  This provides sound data and analysis for both critical operations and business decisions.

Each SACADa system is tailored so it meets the immediate needs of the individual enterprises and is ready to adapt to future changes. Systems are modular, scalable from single up to multi-site clusters, and compatible with both established and emerging technologies.  Resilience is built-in to meet your specifications, with features including distributed architecture, built-in redundancy and remote back up.

Security is convered by network segmentation/firewalls, white listing and VPN authentication with encryption.  Our SCADA systems are straightfoward and carefully designed to make configuration and development both faster and easier.  Interfaces are intutive, with software wizards to speed up installation.  There is a comprehensive library of symbol sets for process objects, which propagates changes throughout the system. Operators can set their own time zone and language.

Netcon 3000

The Netcon 3000 SCADA system is a modern, resourceful supervision, control and data acquisition system for energy production and distribution processes.  Learn More