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Open System

Utilities need efficient real-time communication between their network and various information systems both inside and outside their own enterprises.

The open Netcon 3000 system provides easy integration to external applications. It uses ActiveX, the best container for third party applications available:

  • Drop-in ActiveX controls bring the applications to life without programming.
  • Secure Containment technology ensures the reliable and secure execution of third party  controls.

The Netcon 3000 also integrates with your MES (manufacturing execution system) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Application selection

Control systems should offer utilities a wide variety of applications, either directly or through relationships with top-notch third-party suppliers. Thanks to its open architecture and numerous installations Netcon 3000 can bring you an ever-expanding range of applications.


Because it is modular, distributed and open, the Netcon 3000 SCADA ­system enhances service delivery for operation in the de­regulated electric utility business while keeping the total cost of ownership (TCO) low.


In the past systems were often dedicated to single tasks. Today they may need to handle numerous different processes and areas. Using Netcon 3000, you can reduce engineering time, improve your enterprise connectivity and gain a better overall control of your production processes.

Time zones

When processes span several time zones, operators’ work hours are best scheduled in local time. Netcon 3000 supports dynamic selection of the client time zone.

Language layer

For large processes, operators from different geographical areas may be working in the same dispatch centre. There may be many nationalities speaking different languages. It is therefore important that each Netcon 3000 operator can select their preferred language.