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Netcon RTU8 is a telecontrol Remote Terminal Unit specially designed for medium voltage disconnector applications. A high degree of compactness is achieved by integrating actuator control with standard RTU functionality.

Netcon RTU8 is designed for disconnector applications, and includes the following functionality:

  • Control panel for local control
  • Actuator control logic
  • RTU telecontrol
  • Connection for RTU8-slave bus
  • Modem for slave bus or radio communication
  • Power supply supervision and alarm functions


Netcon RTU8-IP is an enhanced version of Netcon RTU8 with 10 BASE-T Ethernet connection support and three vacant V.24 serial ports. Supported communication slave protocols are IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104.

Actuator Control Logic

The built-in actuator control circuitry eliminates the need for external relay logic, thus providing added compactness and reliability. For general purpose RTU applications the actuator control logic functionality can be disabled. Netcon RTU8 supports several types of media for upstream communication, e.g. 450 MHz, 2G/3G, radio link, PSTN and leased line cables.

Master and Slave Functionality

For applications with several actuators per disconnector station, up to fifteen RTU8 slave units can be connected to a master RTU8 via the slave bus. The master RTU8 then functions as a data concentrator effectively collecting and storing data from attached RTU8 slave units, and providing a single communication channel towards the control centre.

Other Functions

Netcon RTU8 contains power supply supervision and alarm functions, thus providing added compactness and reliability. Deep discharge protection recovers automatically when the appropriate voltage level is obtained.

  • Battery voltage measurement
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • Low voltage and shut down alarms