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Netcontrol is a leading system provider of automation and telemetry systems for primary and secondary substations.

Our substation automation products replace the traditional single protocol RTU with a complete substation gateway controller and outstation.  Our solutions include all features, for example, RTU functionality, protocol convertor, communication gateway, information security and programmable logic controller functionality, in one single box.  It talks to multiple systems with multiple protocols downstream and multiple IEDs at the plant.  With less need for manual operations and site visits, your teams are free to concentrate on getting the most out of your network.  Options are available for both primary and larger secondary substations, and devices integrate comfortably with legacy systems.

Much more than an RTU, a Netcontrol gateway controller becomes the brains of the substation. Communicating via up to 50 protocols and with scalable IO modules (up to 10,000 input/output points in a single unit), it handles remote and local control of switchgear, detects and tracks faults, and monitors an extensive range of supply and quality measurements.  It also pulls in data from outside the electricity supply, including CCTV and telephone information and it prioritizes the data communication according to your needs.

Both retrofit and new installations are straightforward, and can typically be completed in a single day. Products can interface with existing wiring, and ready-to-use multiple configuration options are available through pre-set templates.  All controllers provide full support for the IEC61850 standard and bring connected IEC61850 devices on line instantly.  And as Netcontrol is vendor independent, our products have been tested to seamlessly work with IEC61850 implementations of a large number of vendor's equipment.

Security is taken care of with an integral VPN and firewall inside each unit.  This removes the vulnerabilities associated with devices that have to connect to external security software.  Breakdowns are rare, becuase we design and build products to withstand the high electric and magnetic interference typically found in substations. 

Primary Substation System

Secure and reliable management of supply systems is coming more and more important as infrastructure requirements and pressures increase. For primary substation system management, Netcontrol provides Netcon 500, a configurable, standards based remote terminal unit and control station. With Netcon 500, processes distributed over a wide geographical area can be controlled and monitored while local automation tasks can be processed.  Learn More

Gateway & Protocol Converter
Netcon GW502-iM

With bespoke embedded hardware, Netcon GW502-iM has been specifically designed for use in high voltage electrical substations ensuring a reliable, resilient and secure platform as a gateway and protocol converter for your exisiting substation infrastructure.  Learn More

Secondary Substation Systems

Secondary substation systems require the need to remotely monitor and operate distribution switchgear over a wide area in a cost effective, safe and time efficient structure. Netcontrol provides two compact and modern products, Netcon 100 and NMS 100 for the control and monitoring of secondary networks.  Learn More


Collecting the analogue and digital data from the remote sites and presenting them to the central system is a vital to a successful remote control telemetry system. Netcontrol provides a range of I/O modules and RTU's (Remote Terminal Units) for industrial and utility applications.  Learn More