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Secure and reliable management of supply systems is becoming more and more important as infrastructure requirements increase. For primary substation management, Netcontrol provides the Netcon 500, a configurable, standards based remote terminal unit and control station. With the Netcon 500, distributed processes can be controlled and monitored over a wide geographical area, while automation tasks at the site are also carried out – all at a reduced cost.

The Netcon 500 is a modular outstation including both RTU and Gateway functionality and is suitable for medium to large size stations, including the interfaces to protection relays. Learn More

The Netcon 500 Operator Panel (OP) is an advanced HMI (human–­machine interface) for the Netcon 500 systems of primary substations. Learn More

Netcon 3000 Compact is an advanced single-user, one-computer SCADA that can be used for small networks or combined with ­Netcon 500 systems in primary substations.  Learn More