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Netcon 500

The Netcon 500 family is a new-generation station automation system, delveloped in co-operation with our clients. The Netcon 500 has been especially designed for retrofit, i.e. to replace old rack-based outstations, and at the same time act as a data concentrator and a protocol converter in the station automation system.

The system can be enhanced with a local HMI, and supports multi master, i.e. can be connected to several SCADA systems.

The Netcon 500 outstation is designed for the harsh environment of substations with high electric and magnetic interference. Every card in the Netcon 500 has been tested and complies with the latest EMC class A directives and standards as of IEC61850-3.


Netcon 500 Investment Protection

Utilities may conduct their retrofit program by upgrading parts of their outstations:

  • Change of communication protocol for old RTU including enhancements to outstation
  • Change of RTU with old protocol
  • New RTU interfacing existing marshalling rack
  • An important strategy in retrofitting is to use interface/adapter modules and existing wiring from the field and simply use it to interface with the new RTU technology
  • The advantages of these approaches to the utility lie in the ease and swiftness of the solution

Benefits of Netcon 500

  • Total cost effectiveness
  • Easy customization
  • Retrofitting substation in less than even one day
  • Ability to integrate new features and products with legacy systems and protocols
  • Easy addition of new protocols and connectivity options with the new range of IED’s