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Netcon 500 Modules

Netcon GW502 Main Processor

The Netcon GW502 main processor unit handles the cyber security, communication and protocol conversion functionalities. It has options for redundant communication and processing. The GW502 also powers the rack and the modules.

  • Voltage range: 24...48 V
  • Power consumption: < 12 W
  • Dual 10/100Base-TX Ethernet
  • Ethernet switch: 4 × 10/100Base-TX + 1 × 100Base-FX
  • Three V.24 serial ports
  • V.24 console port
  • Rack bus interface
  • V.11 GPS receiver interface

Communication Accessories

Serial Port Server – SIO508

The Netcon SIO508 Ethernet-to-serial-port server provides eight V.24 (RS-232) serial ports. Like the GW502, it can power the rack and the other modules.

  • One 10 baseT Ethernet port
  • Eight V.24 serial ports with hand­shake at the rear connector/cable interface
  • One V.24 console port, RJ45 interface
  • Four-channel plastic optical fibre (POF) module attached to rear connector
  • GPS PPS synchronisation pulse input

Netcon POF4

The Netcon POF4 is a V.24-to-plastic-optical-fibre adapter. It is powered from an SIO508 module. The Netcon POF4 is typically used for serially connected protection relays. The response and bandwidth can be significantly increased by splitting the communication to physically separate loops with a minimum of one device in each.

Process IO

The Netcon 500 process IO modules are powered and synchronised by and communicate with the rack-internal IO bus. Each of the modules operates as an independent RTU. An accurate PPS timing pulse from a GPS can be connected over the rack bus to each IO module.

Analog In – Netcon AI16

  • 16 differential inputs channels
  • Accuracy: 14 bits
  • Input range: −22...+22 mA
  • Common mode voltage: ±60 VDC
  • 64 DI/PI (8 floating groups
  • of 8 DI/group)
  • Positive or negative common
  • 24 VDC, 48 VDC or 110 VDC
  • 32 outputs (4 floating groups
  • of 8 outputs/group)
  • Load: 24...110 VDC; 0.2 A switching/
  • 1 A continuous/3 A peak
  • Electronic short circuit protection
  • Impedance measurement

Digital In – Netcon DI64

Digital Out – Netcon DO32

Combi IO – Netcon IO64

The IO64 combines analogue inputs, digital inputs and digital outputs in one module. It is the most cost effective option in smaller stations, with only a few IOs of each type, because it minimises the number of separate cards.

  • 40 DI/PI, 16 DO, 8 AI
  • 24 VDC, 48 VDC or 110 VDC

Netcon 500 Racks

Three different sizes of rack are available for the Netcon 500, named after the number of slots (each slot is about 30 mm wide): S3, S3-B; S7; S14.

The S14 comes with detachable angles for installation into a standard 19″ rack or swing frame. The S7 and S3-B are designed for attachment to a cabinet wall at the back (with extra long sides to create space for the cables); the S3, to a door or 19″ rack from the side.