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Netcon 3000 Compact Features

Intuitive User Interface

The graphical user interface (GUI) of Netcon 3000 Compact uses modern graphics to represent the process and its constituent objects. The interface is based on component technology making it easy to integrate information from many different sources into the same graphics.

Clear Visualization

Netcon 3000 Compact visualizes the past, current and future of your process along with information from other sources in a single, consistent graphical form. The intuitive symbols that are used have distinct colours and can have their visibility, position, size, colour and rotation animated to show changes. The graphics and animations make a clear distinction between ­normal and out-of-band states/values, for both the process itself and the communications system.

Ready-Made Symbols

Since each process object in SCADA applications has many attributes, the basically simple task of presentation can become quite complex. Netcon 3000 Compact streamlines the engineering by providing ready-made, proven symbol sets for objects.

The system integrates object-oriented component technology with the Netcon 3000 GUI and provides reusable symbols for the most common process objects such as switches, disconnectors, generators, valves, pumps and measurements. ­Changes made to a Netcon 3000 symbol are propagated throughout the application. As a result, your engineers will spend less time creating, modifying, validating and re-validating GUI applications. This means considerable savings for your company.

Ease of Operation

The navigation of numerous pictures is made easy by the menu component controlling the operator station workspace. The GUI has been designed to minimize the number of steps an operator needs to take in order to master the process. Intuitive navigation options and support features help make operation convenient.

Mobile Workplace

The mobile workplace functions of Netcon 3000 Compact ­enable users to operate the system from a laptop PC. This is convenient if the substation is far away or if the control centre is not manned 24/7, the operator on duty working from home.

Versatile Handling of Real Time and Report Data

The system uses clear, visual tools for the real-time display and management of process data. Netcon 3000 Compact Data Ware­house provides flexible access to historical data such as time series and event history.

Versatile Options for Communications

Netcon 3000 Compact is easily connected to a Netcon GW502 or a Netcon Gateway Server. These run the Netcon NFE software, which is capable of data conversions between over 50 telecontrol protocols, including both serial and IP-based ones. Thus you get the ultimate in connectivity.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse (DW) is a robust data store for the Netcon 3000 Compact system. It collects and organizes data into databases that you can search and mine for information via the various Netcon 3000 Compact
DW applications. The databases are the foundation for your critical operations and business decisions.

Time Series

The Netcon 3000 Compact DW time series database stores process values as time series, calculates aggregates from these, manages the aggregates and makes them available for trend charts, reports and statistics. Tens of thousands of aggregates may be stored for several years.

Measured values as well as indication and status information are stored in the DW time series database at high sample rates. The sampled values are aggregated into fixed-period time series containing averages, minima and maxima. Indication states and status changes are stored so that the operating hours and switch counts of process units can be viewed and reported.

With the Time Series Editor application an operator can correct values judged to be faulty while preserving the original values.


Events and messages are stored in the DW events database, accurately time stamped with UTC time. Events and alarms generated by the SCADA process database include change-of-state events, alarms, operator commands and acknowledgements. Events generated by the system can also be stored. Ample capacity accommodates different requirements and configurations: tens of thousands to tens of millions of events can be stored.

Web Server

The Netcon 3000 Compact web server is an easy-to-use interface to real-time and historical reports, charts of events and alarms, general or incident-specific instructions, plant documents and pictures, system information, and so forth.

Status Database

The Netcon 3000 Compact DW status information database holds the status of objects from the real-time process database for viewing and reporting.

Memos and Reminders

Calendar-dependent information and timed alerts are stored in the DW memo database. Using the memo tool operators can create and manage notes and reminders. Reminders are timed alerts which trigger regular process alarms in the SCADA.


Netcon 3000 Compact Repo utilizes the data from the DW time series database along with web server to generate reports in the HTML, CSV or text format and to show them in a browser window. From there the report may be copied and pasted into Excel, downloaded as a CSV file or sent through FTP or email.

Alarms and Events Analysis (AEA)

Alarm management is crucial for effective process supervision. The vast number of alarms and events registered by a SCADA system is hard to comprehend without analysis tools. AEA is an efficient tool that generates analyses of alarms and events using the data in the DW events database.

Plant and Process Documents

The Netcon 3000 Compact system can store and manage all the various plant and process documents. In a web browser the user can select the desired document from a tree representing the plant asset hierarchy. The Netcon 3000 Compact user interface itself provides access to the documents through objects in the process graphics, which similarly reflect positions and locations in the plant asset hierarchy.