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Technical Data

Improvement of Medium-Voltage Network Availability

The availability requirements for electricity networks are constantly increasing. Most outages in the underground network are caused by faults in the medium-voltage network. The average length of such outages can be significantly reduced through the remote control of switching equipment and improved fault location.

The Optimisation of Transformer Investments with Netcon 100

Investments in transformer and network development are usually based on network calculations performed with Power System Modelling software. Because statistical methods based on load profiles for different type of customers are used in calculating, the actual load may differ considerably from the model.

Based on the precise load data and development trends available from the Netcon 100 system, over-cautious and premature renewal investments made ‘to be on the safe side’ can be avoided.

Fault Management

Through Netcon 100’s intelligent fault location and remotely controllable switching devices, network outages are shortened and the impact of faults reduced. Fault location indicates the direction of the fault from the station as well as the short circuit reactance, so that repair measures can be initiated quickly and precisely.

The Netcon 100 fault detection encompasses four overcurrent stages and five earth fault stages for each of three feeders. Two of the earth fault stages are based on admittance calculation and one is dedicated for the detection of intermittent earth faults.

Integrated Line Protection

The Netcon 100 has an integrated, separately licensed protection functionality based on the aforementioned fault stages. This includes optional auto reclosing, with up to three shots before lockout of the circuit breaker. Thus the Netcon 100 can replace the separate protection relays that have traditionally been deployed at secondary substations.

One FDM112 measurement card, in conjunction with one RCM130 control card, can protect up to three feeders. At the maximum, one Netcon 100 system can include three pairs of these cards, thus protecting nine feeders.

The protection functions can be configured separately for each feeder and are included in the remotely swappable setting groups.

Load Management

Transformer load and connection functions are managed on the basis of real-time measurements. The function is particularly beneficial in exceptional network situations such as during maintenance or faults.

Measurement of Electricity Quality

Constant measurement of electricity quality, and data available from the fault and disturbance recordings help utility companies to forecast and reduce service-level disturbances on the network. Complaints from customers are reduced and customer satisfaction improves.

Centralised Management

The software versions and configurations of the Netcon 100 substations are managed remotely over a network connection with the Netcon Application Manager software. The centralised substation maintenance significantly reduces the overall costs of the system by resource and time savings.

Data Communication Features

Netcon 100 contains comprehensive data communication features, data-secure from end to end. The system is linked to the central system network by IP connection, either through a 3G/GPRS modem, a 4G router, a Radius PDR radio modem or a 10/100 Ethernet connection.

Pre-Installed Assemblies in Cabinet

Standard Netcon 100 assemblies are delivered in a ready to deploy cabinet with the rack(s), batteries, terminal blocks and wiring as well as any customer-specified options, such as a communication device or an HMI panel.