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Technical Data

Netcon 100 Modules

The Netcon 100 rack contains 6 or 4 card slots. The rack always includes a GW102 main processor and PSU152 power supply module. The rack’s other slots are for measuring-, control- and data communication modules, depending on the application.

Netcon GW102 Main Processor Module

The GW102 contains the system control functions; data communication services; measuring, data recording and alarms functions; and programmable logic controller (PLC).

  • 2 MMC card slots
  • Diagnostics web user interface
  • Console serial port, V.24 (RS-232)
  • Data communication series port, V.24 (RS-232)
  • Ethernet data communication port, 10/100 BaseT
  • Ethernet control port, 10/100 BaseT

Netcon PSU152 Power Supply Module

Supply voltage 90...264 VAC, 45...65 Hz. Improved battery charging function for monitoring and alarms, including the following I/Os:

  • 3 digital input (DI), ±24 VDC
  • 1 contactor output 5 A, 250 VAC
  • 1 PT100 output

Netcon RCM130 Remote Control Module

RCM130 is a remote control module for four disconnectors.

  • 22 digital input (DI)
  • 8 contactor outputs (DO), potential free

Netcon FDM112 Fault Detection Module

The FDM112 is a network fault detection module. It includes fault detection, fault reactance calculation and disturbance recording including technical measurement on MV side for four feeders.

  • 12 analogue inputs (AI) for current and voltage sensors, 16-bit precision
  • 4 overcurrent and 5 earth fault stages for each of 3 feeders

Netcon LVM111 Low Voltage Monitoring Module

The LVM111 is a low-voltage monitoring module, including technical and electricity quality measurement, low-voltage fault detection (fuse) and a disturbance recorder. A single LVM111 includes the following for one transformer:

  • 3-phase voltage and current measurement inputs, 230/400 V, 5 A
  • 4 Pt100 temperature measurement inputs, e.g. for the transformer core and 3 windings
  • 1 transformer cooling fan control output

HMI127 Integrated Operator Panel

The HMI127 is a local operator panel for the control of switching equipment, the display of measuring data and the processing of alarms (10 programmable alarm LEDs). The panel is installed on the outside of the cabinet door.

HMI16x Integrated Operator Panel

The HMI162 and HMI164 are more straightforward operator panels that do not include an LCD. Hinged in front of the rack, they indicate the positions of, and allow the operator to control, two and four switches,  respectively. They also show earthing and faults for the feeders, along with a number of configured alarms.