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A reliable and secure data communication system is the backbone of any modern SCADA system. With extensive experience and knowledge, our utility communication products are a key competence of Netcontrol, inclusive of components and support, providing practical solutions for critical infrastructure.

Concentrators and Gateways

Netcontrol Gateways are well known for their high reliability, security and versatile protocol conversion possibilities, supporting tens of different protocols. Inclusive of this, we also provide the Netcon GW502 integrated into an RTU rack, providing compact solution.  Learn More

Data Radio Communication

Netcontrol designs and manufactures a range of digital data radio modems for remote control, telemetry, SCADA, alarm monitoring and mission critical systems. They are designed to provide wide area system coverage to ensure reliable, secure and cost effective transmission of critical data to remote sites.  Learn More

4G/3G Router

As part of its communications solutions Netcontrol sells the RUT950, which can connect remote stations safely to the SCADA centre using public 4G or 3G networks. Learn More

Modem and Leased Line Equipment

Despite technological advancements and the innovation of various communication methods and products, there are still requirements for communication over telephone or leased lines. Netcontrol's products for this purpose are proven to be robust with a long lead life.  Learn More

Media Converters

Netcontrol has a wide range of converters for different media, including optical fibre, IP networks and serial communication.  Learn More

Netcon NSA

Netcontrol design products to diagnose and troubleshoot serial communication problems in industrial SCADA networks. Learn More

The basis of the System NM is a digital radio system where all remote units cooperate.  The units can be either used separately or built together into intelligent networks. System NM is flexible and has many unique features including built-in repeaters, self-sectionalizing/auto restoration, and protocol linking capability.  Learn More