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Netcon GW325

Flexible 2G GPRS SCADA Communication Gateway

  • 2G GPRS communcation to SCADA
  • Serial and Ethernet slave connectivity
  • 50+ Protocol conversions with Netcon NFE
  • Cyber Secure
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy setup 

Netcon GW325 is a flexible 2G GPRS communicatiuon gateway which can be installed to connect remote site to a central control centre over a celluar network.  With Netcon NFE inside, Netcon GW325 has the in-built capability of converting protocols, reducing integrating costs into your energy network infrastructure.

Note. The GW325 is entering the End of Life process. Any orders for the product must be made no later than 31 January 2018, the last ship date being 30 March 2018. The product will be replaced by the RUT955, a 3G/4G router.