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Connectivity services

Netcon GW325 operates on the 2G GPRS cellaur network delivering your critical information back to your SCADA system.  With both serial (RS232) and Ethernet ports on board, Netcon GW325 can provide additional slave communications services.

SCADA applications integrated with the Netcon GW325 have protocol conversion capabilities on board thanks to Netcon NFE, supporting over 50+ industry standard protocols.  As an example network infrastructure setup, a legacy RTU using serial IEC60870-5-101 can communicate to your SCADA system using TCP/IP based IEC60870-5-104 protocols, with no further investment required to upgrade legacy energy network infrastructure.

Cyber secure ready

Netcon GW325 has cyber secure features on board, with a built in firewall passing through only stricitly defined IP traffic.  Communication into your SCADA system from the remote site can be encrypted using a VPN tunnel, with the tunnel terminating at the control centre into a Netcon GW firewall or any other appropriate security network infrastructure.

Compact size

Netcon GW325 is built in a compact size saving criticial and limited space at remote sites, with easy mounting installation. Additionally, Netcon GW325 is low powered, consuming less than 14W.