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Netcon RSC

Netcon RSC provides conversion between RS- 232 (V.24) and RS-422/RS-485 (V.11) signals. The unit can be used in simplex, half duplex, full duplex, point-to-point, or multi-drop modes. RS- 485 interface can be configured for two- or four-wire operation. RS-485 transmitter can be controlled automatically or through the use of handshake signal (RTS, Request-to-Send). Since there are two parallel RS-422 receivers, Netcon RSC is well suited to GPS time synchronization applications where dual signal pairs are used.

Environmental Requirements

Netcon RSC is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments (e.g. electrical distribution facilities) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has been carefully taken into account. For additional robustness, all signal/power ports are electrically isolated from each other.