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Netcon MPM2

Netcon MPM2 is a modem intended for telecontrol systems. It operates on rates 0...300 Bps and 0...1200 Bps The modulation method used is frequency shift keying (FSK) according to recommendation V.21 or V.23.

The MPM2 provides high impedance line interface, which is particularly useful in multi-point configurations.Connection to line includes galvanic isolation and over-voltage protection. Nevertheless, use of external coarse over-voltage protection is recommended. MPM2 includes a microprocessor which provides for transmission timing and pre-transmission delay.

MPM2 is powered with direct current (DC). Hence, battery backup is easy to arrange.


MPM2 has a V.24 and V.28 compliant serial interface for connection to a remote terminal unit or some other communications equipment. This allows the use of various communications devices. The speed and modulation method of the communications port may be selected by the user. Carrier signal may be set permanently or keyed by Request To Send (RTS). Reception may be enabled by carrier detect only or carrier detect and transmit disable.