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Data Radio Communication

Netcontrol designs and manufactures digital data radios for the remote control and monitoring of energy and other mission critical systems.

Developed for wide area coverage to ensure reliable, secure and cost effective transmission of critical data and specifically to meet the needs of electricity networks, Netcontrol's data radios offer a strong set of features that make them a sound choice for power distributors. They have a greater range than other wireless devices, providing coverage of 2,000 km² or more using repeaters. Any radio can be configured to fit any application, so there is no need to buy separate ones or keep multiple types as a spares. Unique radio identities and a high level of encryption mean no-one else can listen in or interfere. The up to 70 MHz tuning range gives users some leeway in choosing the exact frequency to be employed, the versatile data interfaces mean that you can mix systems as needed, and configurable collision avoidance optimises channel usage and minimises data turnaround times.

PDR 300 with PDR 221 Application

Netcontrol’s new PDR 300 data radio with the PDR 121 application software functions as a transparent protocol-routing radio. It can transmit almost any protocol based on the address information embedded in the messages. The PDR 121 software has a multi-repeating capability to offer wide area coverage. Each PDR 121 running radio acts as a repeater forwarding messages to any other PDR 121 radio. It is compatible with legacy PDR 121 v2 and PDR 121 radios.  Learn More

Radius RND 100

Radius RND 100 is a radio network management software tool. Developed to provide a comprehensive platform for real-time monitoring, configuring and maintaining mission-critical PDR radio networks.   Learn More