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System NM is a radio network with efficient, event driven communications for the remote control and monitoring of electricity network switches, reclosers and circuit breakers

The system consists of:

  • a central radio network concentrator, the NM-CCU, and
  • a number of radio outstations, mostly integrated into substation switches, reclosers and circuit breakers.

Communication between the NM-CCU and the outstation RTUs is performed by the RNO 501, the RNO 401 and the RNI 12 radio units. System NM has many unique features for radio communications and distributed control.

The NM-CCU is a radio network data concentrator that connects the radio outstations with any SCADA system.  Learn More

RNI and RNI radios

At the heart of System NM are radio network outstations with a digital data radio such as the RNO 401, RNO 501 or RNI 12, featuring modern, intelligent data radio technology.  Learn More