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System NM Applications
for PDR 300 Radio

Working jointly with the NM-CCU, the other key element of System NM are RNO (Radio Network Outstation) radios. These intelligent data radio modems communicate with the RTU or IED to collect data or to transmit digital commands.

The NM-CCU itself typically contains the RNI (Radio Network Interface) radio. Unlike the RNO products, this does not contain any telecontrol functions.

RNO 501, RNO 401 and RNI 12 are now application software options for Netcontrol’s new, multi-purpose PDR 300 data radio. They make the radio backwards-compatible with the legacy RNO 501 v2, RNO 401 v2 and RNI 12 v12, RNI 12 and RNI 11 radios, respectively.

  • Long range wireless modem
  • Flexiblity through a single HW platform supporting various application SW options
  • Wide area coverage with multi-hop message routing
  • Network redundancy with parallel communications
  • Effective usage of radio bandwidth
  • Dual RS-232 and Ethernet ports
  • Exceptional receiver sensitivity
  • Memory card for configuration and log files
  • Collision avoidance technology for unsolicited messaging
  • Wide temperature range
  • Forward error correction improves throughput over the air
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Certified according to RED (Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU)