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In the past data- and tele communication solutions were based on dedicated cables, serial connections and circuit switched technology. Each service had its own infrastructure, management and economics.

In addition to new IP -based traffic, most of the the legacy traffic can be migrated to run on a common IP infrastructure. The consolidation of the services provides savings in investments, maintenance and economics.

All-IP is a concept where previously totally separate  Enterprise IT and Process IT (telecontrol) use a common technology, the IP technology. However, the Enterprise IT and Process IT have different requirements regarding level of service, operational environment, availability, life cycle and cyber security.

Netcon ALl-IP architecture integrates the following traffic types into a seamless entity:

  • Legacy serial telecontrol l traffic
  • New IP based telecontrol traffic (IEC-104, 61850)
  • Relay maintenance
  • Meter reading (AMR)
  • Video
  • Voice
  • Radio

Netcontrol delivers All-IP communication solutions for Process IT using various transmission media: satellite, mobile networks, microwave links, wireless networks, optical fiber and copper. The solutions are designed for the stringent Process IT requirements.


Case Studies